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About TPD

The Plumbing Detectives (TPD) are here to offer you great service at a price you can afford. We know that the economy is not what it used to be and we're trying to help. We've done nothing different mind you, we've always had lower prices than the national companies (on average 30-40% lower). We rely on word of mouth advertising, it's the best kind! If you've found us by our many reviews online, you see that we're doing something right! We don't want you to use us once and not call back like the big companies, we want to be your plumber for life. We have a lot of repeat customers and that'makes us smile. It's really rewarding that we have so many wonderful customers. Without you, there is no TPD!

Hi, my name is Jason and I am the owner of The Plumbing Detectives. Back when I worked at one of the biggest national companies around, I spent time as a Trainer. I enjoyed it but actually felt sorry for the customers my "trainees" were unleashed upon. It was not due to the "New Guy" being a bad person, just simply not trained enough. I only had weeks to teach them plumbing (cannot be done!) and they were unleashed upon brave homeowners, yikes! We are for all purposes a Mom & Pop company. We're family owned and operated. In the past this may have turned some people off. No more! We've recently seen what trouble big companies have gotten into. Who's got more to lose? The Mom & Pop or the mega national companies? Mom & Pop comapnies need every customer to keep calling back, we do NOT treat our clients as "disposable". We want to keep you for good. We keep prices low due to not having the HUGE overhead like high cost advertising. Call us and support your local economy, the big guys have gouged ALL of our pockets for too long!

Hello there! I am Jason's wife Stephanie. I am usually the one you talk to when you call The Plumbing Detectives. We constantly have our customers tell us that they love the name "The Plumbing Detectives" and ask how we came up with it. Well in all honesty, when Jason worked all of those years at the mega national company, he was the one they sent to figure out the tough jobs that none of the other guys could diagnose. He once had a lady tell him that he was the ONLY plumber out of 4 others sent out that figured out her situation. She said that he must be a "Plumbing Detective". Yes, he indeed was and we kept that name for when we started this company, I couldn't think of a better name! So, if you need an honest, reliable Master Plumber to take care of you, give my husband or me, Stephanie a call. We'd LOVE to serve you!